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Our Services for Your Success.

We focus on you and your project. Together, we work out feasible and goal-oriented solutions.

1. The central point of our service is always your project. We actively support the responsible persons in their tasks, work out results and, if necessary, also take over operative tasks.

2. In addition to professional project management, a practice-oriented and value-stream-optimized process management is necessary for successful target achievement. We support you from  analysis, to conception, to the implementation of your processes.

3. Structure and organization must fit to your projects and processes as well. We are experts in organizational development and guide you through the necessary changes – focusing on the people in your company.

We are the Specialists for Project Management.

The challenge for our clients is to implement increasingly complex and highly networked projects with limited budgets in less time. In addition, trends such as digitization, connectivity, and more rapidly developing technologies need to be taken into account.

We manage, support, and guide projects along the entire life cycle - from product management to product development to production. By combining agile and classic methods we encounter growing demands. We call it: Project Management 4.0.

[bu:st] automotive Projects

Our Process Management Services:

  • Support

    We support the project manager in their processes, work out results, and take over tasks.

  • Build up

    We support you in setting up and operating a powerful PMO.

  • Control

    We manage complex projects with method, mind, and feeling.

  • Train

    We develop individual training concepts and coach employees in project management.

[bu:st] automotive Process

We contribute our expertise to the design of lean value-added and flexible processes.

Whether you and your projects are successful depends not only on excellent development projects and positive sales figures. The decisive factors are performing, efficient, and smooth operations.

We analyze and optimize your processes taking into account your current and future business model. Unnecessary waste is eliminated. A holistic approach ensures the impact and contribution of process management to sustainable organizational development and corporate governance.

Our process management services:

  • Understand

    We observe, analyze, and learn from what is there. We create transparency and determine the need for action.

  • Empower

    We implement Process management within the organization and establish continous improvement.

  • Make

    We do not just talk - we do: realizable, value stream optimized and flexible processes and structures based on a coordinated corporate strategy.

  • Anchoring

    We listen, inform, involve, and inspire. That is how we accomplish acceptance and sustainability.

We Embrace and Shape Changes. Together. Efficiently.

The success of sustainably growing companies is based on the continuous development and commitment of its employees and executives. However, people avoid risks and are naturally committed to stability.

That's why change management is an indispensable part of every project. We consider people as individuals, in context to each other and to the company. Through communication and orientation, we encourage motivation, individual excellence, and team performance. We accompany, design, and empower the process of transformation towards a flexible and networked learning organization.

[bu:st] automotive Organizational Development

Our Organizational Development Services:

  • Orientate
    We gather a comprehensive and neutral picture of the culture, structure, and cooperation in your company.
  • Define
    Together, we define a picture of the future and derive related goals and requirements.
  • Show
    We show possible ways and describe practical operational implementation.
  • Accompany
    We proceed iteratively to check effects and allow adaptation. In doing so, we rely on a qualification concept and accompanying change management at an early stage.

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