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[bu:st] automotive has been engaged in the automotive industry from the beginning. Our name stands for a trustful and successful cooperation with OEMs. Our method has led our customers and their projects to success, not only in the automotive sector but also in the commercial vehicle industry, in yacht and caravan construction, in the aerospace industry, and in many other sectors.

Large companies and international corporations are as much a part of our references as medium-sized companies and innovative start-ups. We are particularly proud of our longstanding customer relationships.

Orders based on recommendations confirm the high quality of our services and confirm our claim as a premium provider.

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Some of the sectors in which we have many years of experience:


Since the beginning, the automotive industry has been an important partner for us. We meet the challenges of offering more complex products in shorter periods of time to the market – at lower costs and high quality – with the help of our professional methods and standards in project management. We know the classic product development process, the associated organizational structures, and all disciplines that contribute to an innovative product. We also have state-of-the-art project management methods for today's developments, such as autonomous driving, digitization and connectivity, electromobility and car sharing, and the resulting changes. We believe that the biggest challenge is not the technology, but the skill and will to change at top management level. Change is shaped by development and commitment. We help in doing so.

Commercial Vehicles

Increased traffic safety, emissions reduction, and automated driving are just a few examples of issues currently challenging the commercial vehicle industry. In the future, digital networking will also become a success factor. Those who are able to extract meaning from this data can establish new business models. Currently, [bu:st] automotive is involved in setting up and launching a new telematics system for the commercial vehicle industry - from project management for hardware components and supporting agile software development teams to the definition of sales processes. In doing so, we not only contribute our digitalization know-how, but also product development and process management expertise, as well as a networking throughout the industry. For all these challenges we believe that in addition to technology, the growth and development of leadership methods must be professionally supported. We help our clients in this organizational and cultural change process and bring in the knowledge of our specialists.


High demand for new products and more complex customer requirements necessitate the need for fast innovation cycles and efficient development projects. [bu:st] automotive supports the caravan industry with professional project management and the optimization of product development processes. Lightweight design and the increasing importance of design as a market differentiation result in a high number of variants and thus great flexibility in production. We bring in our knowledge in the subject of variant management and modularization. In the area of product management, the caravan industry is facing major trends such as autonomous driving, digitization, connectivity and electromobility. Here we can make our contribution to your projects with our cross-industry expertise from the automotive and yacht industry.

Yacht Design

We have successfully proven our expertise in project management and process consulting in numerous development projects for motor and sailing yachts. Our customers are professionals in their industry. They know which innovations improve their market position. However, a good idea also needs efficient and professional project management for implementation. In the early development of the yacht, we focus on series production in order to ensure price and quality-compliant producibility. At the same time, the quality of the individual components, and thus of the entire yacht, is significantly increased by the early and sustainable integration of suppliers into the development process. We accompany you from the first idea to sliding into water.

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