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Successful Projects, Flexible Processes and Sustainable Transformation of Your Organization.

[bu:st] Automotive
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Transparency, communication, and rhythm are the success factors in an increasingly complex world.

This is especially true for the required tranformation at OEMs.

Transparency helps you explore.
Our specialists help to visualize complexity and create transparency by managing operational collaboration. This is how we show relevant relationships and structures.

Communication is the key to apprehension.
We build relationships and enable regular topic-oriented communication to create sustainable solutions.

Rhythm creates structure.
In order to master complexity, it is important to find a rhythm for working on topics and set up routines. We give your project security and stability through regular meetings, efficient and timed processes, and consistent task tracking.

Agile and value stream oriented collaboration is the basis for excellent products and successful project management. Our service portfolio is your fuel for the leap into the world of Business 4.0.

  • Bu:st Projektmanagement Project Management 4.0

    We work in your projects on an operational level. We combine conventional and dynamic approaches of project management to get the best from both: structure and agility.

  • Bu:st Prozessmanagement Lean value-added processes

    Process management with [bu:st] automotive means development, optimization and implementation of processes - in your current and future business model: customer orientation & sustainability.

  • Bu:st Organisationsentwicklung Flexible structures

    [bu:st] automotive stands for sustainable organizational development. We empower, train and support your employees and executives on the way to a networked, agile organization: Stability & Flexibility.

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Our industry expertise:
We understand technology.

  • Our consulting and service portfolio serves the entire value added process of technical products.
  • Our specialists and project managers are scientists, economists, engineers and humanists with diverse industrial knowledge. In addition to their professional qualifications, they are also enthusiastic about our customers' products.
  • In addition to a deep knowledge of the automotive industry, we have numerous references in the areas of commercial vehicles, yacht building, caravan, aerospace. And with the experience from more than 500 successful projects, we continue to develop and deepen our industry expertise.

[bu: st] automotive - better solutions for projects, processes, and collaboration.

  • We work methodically in agile teams
    Our project managers and consultants work in situationally adaptive and customer specific teams.
  • We train employees with relationship intelligence
    For successful project management, mastery of the complex network of relationships is a decisive success factor in addition to the classical methodology know-how.
  • We are a networked learning organization
    Both our agile teams and each individual employee make us excellent.

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